Our Science

Ceria Therapeutics has a novel platform
for micro-RNA delivery.

Our cerium oxide nanoparticles are conjugated to a micro-Ribonucleic Acid (miRNA) via a proprietary platform technology. Cells throughout the body readily accept drugs delivered in this manner.

A molecule known as miRNA-146a is a crucial regulator of the inflammatory response. Our founder linked non-healing wounds associated with diabetic foot ulcers to reduced expression of miRNA-146a. By replenishing this molecule, he observed that natural healing resumed. This remarkable clinical discovery led to a portfolio of promising drugs that restores optimal levels of the miRNA-146a at the site of inflammation for several other conditions and diseases.


How it works

Our first products utilize a miRNA-146a conjugated cerium oxide nanoparticle [CNP-miR146a] as the active pharmaceutical agent. The miR146a component blocks key genes in the inflammatory cascade, and the nanoparticles neutralize free radicals to provide doubly effective therapeutics for inflammatory disorders.

Cells throughout the body absorb nanoparticles. By delivering CNP-miR146a at the site of infection, cells readily take in the molecule, control of the inflammatory response is re-established, and inflammation is arrested. 


Proving safe and effective

CNP-146a has strong potential to be safe and effective as a therapeutic. miR-146a is made in many cells throughout the body. Cerium oxide is found naturally in the environment and has been demonstrated to be non-toxic. Because CNP-miR146a is not metabolized and is delivered locally (not systemically) in small and often single doses, we believe there is very little chance of side effects.